Fire House Project

Below you will find a working document of the Fire House Building Project. This document will be updated as progress is made. If you would like to donate to made the project come to life you may visit us on Facebook or send donations to:

Granville Volunteer Fire Department

5051 VT Route 100

Granville, VT 05747

The Granville Fire House consists of a two door open apparatus bay with no other rooms. The building does not have potable water, no bathroom, no dedicated office or meeting space.
Ceiling and wall panels show water damage from years of roof leaks (roof was replaced). Insulation in walls and ceiling has settled and lost insulating properties. Lighting needs to be upgraded and ventilation added to remove moisture from the building when trucks come back inside from the weather.
Vehicles are parked tightly together and leave little room in the building for storage of equipment and supplies. Vehicles must be pulled out of the station to hold trainings or board meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your fire house will not be staffed regularly overnight. Why do you need a shower?

A: Fires leave smoke residue and other soils on our clothing and body. Medical emergencies can also become messy and can leave biological contaminants on our clothing and body. Bringing these contaminants home with us potentially exposes our family to these hazards as well. A shower and washing facility would allow us to purge these contaminants and keep ourselves and our families safe.